• Market Expansion: We provide consultation services for market expansion into international territory and help organizations structure business plans for for strategic and efficient  international growth.
  • Physical Business Set-Up: LDGC has assisted various companies in many industries to set up entities in regions where they desire to perform on-ground business.
  • Legal Consultation: With our extensive resources, LDGC has legal partners all over the world well versed in the opening and maintenance of businesses in their regions.
  • Cross-Cultural Business Training: One of the biggest obstacles to companies doing business internationally today is the “packaging” of services without prior exposure to the culture of the region they desire to work in. We have a “no-fluff” training approach to providing a our clients with the most critical cross-cultural business awareness within the shortest time-frame to start.
  • Business Development: We will help you to develop strategic opportunities for your business and cultivate partnerships and relationships that help with the development of your business.
  • Market Research and Analysis: Another item we provide for clients and receive much acclaim for, is detailed market research. The nuances in international markets are many. Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive knowledge of their intended market(s) and present trends in the local industry. This is a vital step in taking your business into a new market.
  • Sales Training: Having a team in both Europe and America, we have the unique skills to help train your sales team to be as relevant to their market as possible. Helping to develop skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organization.
  • Sales Strategy and Channel: Our experience over the years will help with the process of distributing your products to the market by segmenting sales operations and focusing on different selling forms. Whether it is a in-house sales teams, dealers, retailers, affiliates, or direct marketing, we’ll help navigate the proper choices for you.
  • Other:  When the organization is ready to send personnel overseas we will provide training for deployment all the way to coordinating travel arrangements as needed.


  • Website Creation: Our experts create fully functional, professional and aesthetic, websites, along with various client options such as search engine optimization and administration support. We strongly value relationships and will grow with you as a partner and adapt as your business changes.
  • Brand Awareness: There is no point in an excellent brand that is unknown. For this reason, LDGC has a dedicated and experienced marketing team as an additional option to expand Brand awareness. Utilizing a push system, we strategically, through digital and print advertising, place your product/service in front of pertinent consumers and potential future clientele.
  • SWOT Analysis: We conduct a thorough SWOT analysis to determine our client’s business strengths, weaknesses, industry opportunities and threats to achieve the highest efficiency in marketing efforts, and a measurable addition to our client’s bottom line.


  • Purchasing and Logistics: With an extensive network in various industries we can assist in purchasing products, of both conventional and nonconventional nature
  • Legal and Procedural: Our team maintains an in-depth and current knowledge of intercontinental importing and exporting regulations, as well as the legal requirements and regulations to adhere required for compliance, down to the most obscure requests.
  • Transportation Logistics: We facilitate transportation assistance for products and personnel and perform as the primary liaison between vendors and our client.
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